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My name is Tomasz Drybala. On September 30, 2022, I started running the circumference of the Earth, 40,075 kilometres, nearly 25,000 miles.

Watch my progress on Strava.

For 40 months, I will run through four continents (North America, Oceania, Asia and Europe) and 22 countries. I started running from New York and I will complete the run in June 2026 in London.

All the way, I'm fundraising for UNICEF, supporting child protection, education and climate change.

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What your donation can pay for:

£5 could help provide 1,786 water purification tablets.

£14 could help provide exercise books for a class of 50 children to help them continue their education in times of crisis.

£27 could provide an emergency shelter for one family, helping to protect children and keep them warm and safe.

Tom's Running Progress:

Distance ran: 1,810 km (1,124 miles)

Distance to go: 38,265 km (23,781 miles)

Time spent running: 190 hours

Updated at the end of each week. Last update: Sunday, 29th January 2023

The map below is indicative only. It reflects the distance Tom has already run. For detailed data, check out Tom's Strava account.